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8 Day Gorilla Chimp Big Game


An activity-packed tour of a portion of the primates of Uganda, tracking Gorillas and Chimpanzees in three separate forest parks with game drives on the savannah of Queen Elizabeth NP and Lake Mburo in the middle. This safari takes in Uganda’s special assortment and dazzling view in the best luxury settings accessible.


Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe

    You will be welcomed at Entebbe International airport by your safari guide and afterwards transferred to your agreeable boutique-style guesthouse for the evening. Contingent upon arrival time you may have the opportunity to relax around the swimming pool or go for a walk in the close by botanical gardens before your Mediterranean style supper is served on the patio.

Day 2: Pit Lakes of Kibale

    After an early breakfast, you will withdraw Entebbe and head west to Fort Portal where you’ll land at your lodge roosted high over a cavity lake in time for lunch. You will have the evening to enjoy the spectacular view from the lodge’s pool or take a walk, delicate or intense, to the lodge’s lake or adventure out to the surrounding pit lakes and tea ranches.

Day 3: Chimpanzee Tracking

    In the early morning, you will take the short drive to Kibale forest headquarter to go on your chimp trek. Kibale is home to more habituated chimps than some other site in Africa thus the odds of running over our nearest cousins are high. The walk, for the most part, keeps going 2-3 hours in addition to an hour with the chimps and the territory is genuinely simple in many parts. After your chimp trek, you will head down from the hole highlands to the fields underneath, entering Queen Elizabeth NP and travel alongside the shocking “hole blast” drive with the Rwenzori Mountains as a background and the lakes and savannahs of Queen Elizabeth NP beneath. In the late evening, you will take off onto the Kazinga channel where you will discover hippos and crocodiles in the water and an assortment of wildlife on the banks, including buffalo, elephant and different antelope. After your boat trip, you will go to your lodge and your room overlooking the Kazinga channel.

Day 4: Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

    After an early breakfast, you’ll leave for the Kasenyi Savannah, Queen Elizabeth National Park, for an early morning game drive. The savannah offers an incredible safari experience, with the opportunity to see lions, Uganda kob, hyena, elephant, warthog, waterbuck and potentially even the tricky panther all with the shocking Rwenzori Mountains as a setting. You will come back to your lodge for lunch and toward the evening head further into the wild and the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth NP. In transit to your spectacular riverside rose camp inside the park, you’ll be vigilant for the popular tree-climbing lions and solid populace of hyena just as elephant, topi, hippos and numerous antelopes.

Day 5: Magnificent Lake Mutanda

    After an early start, you’ll go for a game drive in the Ishasha area of the park. While enjoying the wild, you’ll again be watchful for the acclaimed tree-climbing lions and sound populace of hyena just as elephant, topi, hippos and numerous antelopes. After an early lunch at the lodge, you’ll take the winding street going through the lakes, forests and piles of western Uganda. You will arrive at your lodge set on a slope with directing perspectives on the heart-painfully delightful Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Mountains past in the late evening.

Day 6: Gorilla Tracking

    The present-day! Your guide will as of now have booked you in so after a briefing from your ranger you head by walking to discover your gorilla group. The walk can be anything from 30 mins to 4 hours however is generally in the 1-2 hour range. The going can be extreme, the territory soak, vegetation rich and the weather wet yet when you at long last go over the wonderful mammoths it will all be beneficial! You will go through one hour with them, watching their everyday exercises nearby other people, finishing them the forest. The time will fly however the recollections will remain with you for eternity.

Day 7: Lake Mburo NP

    The last breakfast overlooking this quiet lake before you head east to Lake Mburo NP. It is a long yet wonderful drive and you’ll land at your lodge in the mid-evening. There’ll be the ideal opportunity for a short night game drive looking out for creatures you will have missed at Queen Elizabeth NP, for example, zebra and giraffe.

Day 8: Takeoff

    Contingent upon your flight time you’ll possess energy for a short morning game drive before making a beeline for Entebbe by means of the equator for your takeoff. 

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