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17 Day Birds & Beasts Uganda Safari Tour


An extraordinary worth mid-range tour of a portion of the incredible parks of Africa from the shocking wild of Pian Upe and Kidepo, with lion, cheetah and the birdlife of the dry Karamoja fields, down to the roaring falls at Murchison and stream and forest birds just as chimpanzees and the giants of the savannah. Then down the rift to Semliki and its focal African birdlife and onto Queen Elizabeth and Ishasha, home to Congolese species and tree climbing lions. At long last a touch of Tanzania at Lake Mburo.


Day 1: Bird watching and boat trip at the source of the Nile

    At around 09:30 you will leave Entebbe and head to Jinja, arriving in time for lunch at your camp arranged high over the Nile. You will have time toward the evening to enjoy the pool and the birdlife around the lodge previously, in the late evening you will take to the stream at the source of the Nile on a guided bird watching trip.

Day 2: The far off Karamoja Plains

    An early start as you head east through the agricultural heartlands of southern Uganda until you arrive at the town of Mbale for a break. You will then skirt the lower inclines of Mount Elgon before turning north onto the parched Karamoja fields. The differentiation is obvious all around. Having taken a packed lunch en route, you will land at your accommodation in the early evening and enjoy the landscape from the cool shade. In the late evening, you will head into the reserve, imparted to the local cows herders, on a game and birding drive. We will be watchful for roan antelope, eland, waterbuck, ostrich, hyena and cheetah. We may even possibility upon the amazingly uncommon and imperilled Karamoja Apalis. This reserve is recouping from long stretches of poaching and is once in a while visited by tourists. Thus numerous creatures are curious about vehicles and are touchy and difficult to see.

Day 3: The Rugged Beauty of the Karamoja Countryside

    After breakfast overlooking the acacia and rock-studded fields, you will head further north through the emotional view of Karamoja until you reach Kidepo Valley NP in the late evening. Appraised by CNN travel as the most beautiful park in Africa, Kidepo is a genuine concealed pearl with a breathtaking view. At night you will climb Amapuis Rock to enjoy the best of the perspectives as the sun sets, while your chef gets ready supper, which you will enjoy underneath the stunning night skies.

Day 4: Dazzling Kidepo Valley NP

    Wake up in the middle of the activity and watch the dawn over the Morongole mountains. Then you start your day of game review with a visit into the Narus valley looking for lion, elephant, giraffe, eland, zebra, and panther and to wonder about seeing the tremendous group of buffalo touching in the wetland. After early lunch back at camp, you’ll drive towards the occasional Kidepo River looking for cheetah and ostrich. We’ll take a virus drink and light lunch among the Barassas palms at the Kidepo sand River, from which the area takes its name before coming back to camp where you chef will have arranged supper for you.

Day 5: Adventure through the North

    After an early breakfast, we’ll leave the lodge and have one final opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of Kidepo and possibly get a sight of any creatures we missed. From the park doors, it is a two-hour drive through the rough scene (and streets) of northern Uganda to Kitgum and afterwards a further two hours to Gulu where we will stop for lunch. From Gulu, we’ll head south on great streets toward the northern entryways of Murchison Falls NP. We’ll have the opportunity to take a moderate drive in the late evening through the park before arriving at your bush camp for the night in time for supper.

Day 6: Murchison Falls Game Drives and Relaxing

    Again we’ll wake up in the middle of the activity with the most obvious opportunity with regards to locating major game. Murchison is home to elephants, buffalo, Uganda kob, numerous giraffe and hippos just as lions, hyena and panthers, and an assortment of birds. After your morning game drive, you will enjoy a light breakfast before we separate camp and take the short adventure over the Nile to your lodge. Now, you will have spent the best piece of seven days progressing and resting in our luxury ringer tents. There is not any more agreeable or breathtaking approach to camp, yet camping is as yet camping so now it is the ideal opportunity for somewhat of a break and a dash of home solaces. You will have the evening to explore around the lodge, relax in the flawless swimming pool or simply take things simply and enjoy the perspective on the park over the waterway from the solace of a lounger.

Day 7: Guided Birding and Cruise to Murchison Falls

    An early breakfast before taking a local guide around the lodge grounds and into the surrounding villages and farmland on a birding walk. Where agriculture meets bush is often an exceptionally productive area for birding and there is no exemption. You will hope to discover an assortment of fly-catchers and honey bee-eaters, plovers and kingfishers just as shrikes, cuckoos, woodpeckers and songbirds. There are additionally a few birds of prey in the area. After a relaxing lunch at the lodge, you’ll take the planned cruise to Murchison Falls where we’ll secure midstream at a protected good ways from the falls and wonder about their capacity. From the foot of the falls, you’ll be welcomed by a ranger who will guide you up the precarious way to the top of the falls. You can chill in the fog here as the ground underneath your feet trembles with the roaring power of the most dominant waterfall on the planet. Your guide will meet you here and drive you back to the lodge.

Day 8: Shoebill River Cruise

    You will take the morning planned boat trip to the delta, where the Victoria Nile streams into Lake Albert. Here the stream eases back and parts into a few channels isolated by mud banks and skimming islands of papyrus. This structures the ideal condition for hippos and crocs and numerous waterway birds, yet most outstandingly the strange shoebill stork. After lunch at your lodge, the evening is yours to choose what to do. You can take one of a few game drive choices on the north or south bank, you can go on a guided walk around the lodge or you can simply relax around the lodge.

Day 9: The Long Drive South

    An early start as we first head along the picturesque Lake Albert drive to Hoima. From that point you go through the agricultural terrains of the west to the lovely town of Fort Portal, set among the tea ranches of western Uganda, in the shadow of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Day 10: Where Central Africa meets East Africa

    After breakfast head down the spectacular winding street into the valley floor and Semliki Wildlife Reserve. West of the Rwenzoris, this is where focal African forest, widely varied vegetation meets East African savannah, and the outcomes are spectacular. It has an extraordinary wild feel to it and on your night game drive, you may discover savannah or forest elephants, panther, buffalo, kob and different antelope, and possibly the uncommon dwarf hippo.

Day 11: Exploring Semliki

    An early start as you take to the waters of Lake Albert for our boat trip, basically looking for the strange shoebill stork, yet in addition to enjoy the breeze and see what else is coming up. You will go to your lodge for lunch. Toward the evening you have the alternative of making a beeline for the Semliki forest where you can walk to the sulfurous hot springs and see the wonderful assortment of birds the area is renowned for. You can, on the off chance that you like, take a night game drive or you can simply relax around the lodge.

Day 12: Back East of the Rwenzori Mountains

    Your choices at the beginning of today are starting yesterday evening, yet we will leave the area in the mid-morning and move up to the highlands again before dropping down onto the valley floor and the fields of Queen Elizabeth NP. The course takes us legitimately through the park and you will land at your lodge in the late evening.

Day 13: The Kasenyi Plains and Kalinzu Channel

    Hiking, scenic drives, and photo safaris are among the activities available. After entering the park, head to Murchison Falls to observe the falls make their way down the small gorge, forming a rainbow. It’s about a 7-hour trip to Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 14 : Morning game drive and Victoria Nile boat cruise.

    After an early breakfast, you’ll withdraw for the Kasenyi Savannah, Queen Elizabeth National Park, for an early morning game drive. The savannah offers an extraordinary safari experience, with the opportunity to see lions, Uganda kob, hyena, elephant, warthog, waterbuck and potentially even the slippery panther all with the dazzling Rwenzori Mountains as a background. You will then take your packed lunch on the Crater Explosion drive enjoying delightful perspectives on the tremendous craters, the Rift Valley Escarpment and Lakes Edward and George and the Kazinga Channel underneath. After lunch, we’ll head down and you will take the two-hour boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel, where you may see buffalo, elephants, screen reptiles and obviously tremendous quantities of various bird species just as hippos and crocs.

Day 14: Chimpanzees and Tree Climbing Lions

    After an early breakfast, you’ll head again into the park to Kyambura Gorge for your chimpanzee trek. The territory is delicate (with soak bits! ) and the trek typically takes 3 to 5 hours and hopefully, we’ll discover a few chimps. On the off chance that we do (around a 60% possibility), you will get the chance to go through an hour in the organization of our nearest cousins, enjoying watching them collaborate with one another. Regardless of whether we don’t discover chimps, Kyambura gorge is an extremely flawless spot to enjoy nature at its best, with a lot of other forest creatures and birds to enjoy. After lunch, back at the lodge, we’ll drive to the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth NP. Here we’ll have a short night game drive, watchful for its celebrated tree-climbing lions and a solid populace of hyena.

Day 15: Peacefulness and Wilderness of Ishasha

    You’ll have an early morning game drive watchful for lions, hyena, panther, elephants and topi among others. Weather allowing you’ll stop for lunch on the Lake Edward container before heading back through the park planning to see lion taking shelter from the warmth of the day in the fig trees. The late evening and night are yours to enjoy the serenity of your lodge as the nightfalls.

Day 16: Evening time Adventures at Lake Mburo

    Breakfast overlooking the forest display before the voyage back east to Lake Mburo NP. You’ll take lunch on the way and land at the lodge in the mid-evening. You’ll have the opportunity to chill in the stone top swimming pool with its instructing perspectives on the park before heading into the park for an after-dull game drive, to perceive what the night can uncover.

Day 17: Guided Nature Walk at Lake Mburo

    Before the day heats up we’ll head into the park for a guided nature walk. With scarcely any buffalo, no elephants and without a doubt, infrequently a lion, Lake Mburo fits walking. Along these lines, you get the opportunity to see the little things and enjoy seeing antelope and zebra by walking. We’ll leave the lodge at around 11 am and stop for lunch and keepsake shopping at the equator. From here we’ll go to Entebbe, arriving in the early night.

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