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12 Day Big Cat Adventure Uganda Safari


A broad tour of the entirety of Uganda’s fundamental savannah national parks and preservation areas and all the assortment they offer. You will look out panthers by day and night, and lions in the bogs, rocks, fields, by walking, and even trees of Uganda. You will likewise look for the slippery cheetahs of Kidepo and Pian Upe. This safari is accessible at a financial limit to suit you and will incorporate cooked luxury camping in certain areas as we look to give you the absolute best opportunities to recognize these great mammoths.


Day 1: Entebbe to Lake Mburo NP and a night game drive looking for panther

    Morning takeoff through the forests and wetlands of southern Uganda. You will stop at the equator for a photo opportunity and coffee before going to Lake Mburo national park and your lodge in time for lunch. Lake Mburo is an awesome little park with a sound populace of panther and periodically lions and hyena. It additionally has zebra, impala, topi, reedbuck, eland, hippos, oribi, giraffe and a wide assortment of birds. During the evening you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view from the lodge roosted high over the park, or from the stone top swimming pool. You can likewise extend your legs around the lodge grounds. At night as the sun sets you’ll head into the park looking for these creatures and with the hope of locating a panther rising for its night watch. You will come back from your game drive in time for supper.

Day 2: Game drives at Lake Mburo and Ishasha

    You will be up in time for dawn as you head first through Lake Mburo National Park looking for the morning game movement. You will then travel west through the homesteads and tea ranches to the volcanic highlands of the south-west stopping for lunch on the way. You will land at your lodge in the late evening in time for a night game drive in the Ishasha division of the park vigilant for its acclaimed tree-climbing lions and sound populace of hyena and panther just as topi, buffalo, elephant and hippos. The night will be spent in the peaceful encompasses of your magnificent lodge.

Day 3: Ishasha and the Kazinga Channel

    An early morning game drives in the Ishasha part again looking for lion, panther, elephant, hippos, topi, buffalo and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You will then take the course through the preservation area to the fundamental part of Queen Elizabeth NP where you will have your packed lunch. After lunch, you will cruise the Kazinga channel enjoying the wildlife, for example, buffalo and elephants on its banks and the hippos and crocodiles inside the water. At night you will be set aside to your lodge in an effort for supper.

Day 4: Lion Tracking and Research Experience

    You will be up at first light for this uncommon opportunity to follow lions by walking. You will be supported in finding the lions through electronic GPS frameworks and the entire trek regularly takes a few hours. During the trek, you will help record information on weather and nature just as learning calls. The data is utilized to study and subsequently ensure the environment of the area and the natural surroundings of the lions and is a splendid opportunity to not just experience lions in an entirely unexpected manner, yet to add to their protection. After your trek, you will make a beeline for the lodge for lunch and have a few hours to relax and enjoy the shocking perspectives from your room. At night you will head onto the Kasenyi fields for a game drive which will incorporate the quest for all the more enormous felines and a drive along the acclaimed “panther drive”.

Day 5: Queen Elizabeth NP to Murchison Falls NP, Budongo Forest

    An early begin and lengthy drive through some dazzling landscape, beginning with the Rwenzori mountains out yonder, through Fort Portal for coffee and on through the farmland, sugar stick and tea bequests, and forests of western Uganda. You go through the expanding town of Hoima and onto Masindi before you enter Murchison Falls NP. Promptly you will be in Budongo Forest, the most seasoned enduring forest in East Africa having consistently been rationed at first as Royal Hunting grounds, then as a forest reserve and now as accepted National Park. You will without further ado land at your lodge for the evening, settled right in the core of the forest. Contingent upon the street conditions on the way and the subsequent adventure time, you might have the option to enjoy a two-hour walk inside the forest which is home to an enormous assortment of birds, little antelope, reptiles and a wide assortment of primates, including Chimpanzees. You will eat at the lodge before nodding off to the dissonance of forest commotions.

Day 6: Game drives, Nile River Cruise and Luxury Camping at the Top of Murchison Falls

    Conscious to the hints of chimpanzees and an early start heading for a game drive on the separated “wedding trip track” in the wild of the Rabongo division, close to the top of the falls. (On the other hand, you can pick a walk in the forest or a chimpanzee trek). After lunch, you will take your booked launch to the foot of the falls. It takes 90 minutes to arrive at the falls and in transit, you’ll scour the riverbanks for wildlife. You will see hippos and crocodiles normally and a wide assortment of spectacular water birds and on the banks, there’s an opportunity of seeing buffalo, warthog, elephant and different antelope. Once at the footfalls we moor briefly to an enormous stone to stand amazed at the intensity of the compelling stream before disembarking and the precarious walk to the top of the falls, where your guide will be hanging tight for you to take you to your effectively settled camp where your chef will get ready supper. This is prime panther region so we’ll have a snappy scout around at night for them.

Day 7: Murchison Falls

    An early light breakfast pursued by a game drive then something progressively significant. Around lunchtime, you cross the Nile at Paraa before crashing into the delta area where the Victoria Nile briefly enters Lake Albert transforming northwards into the Albert Nile. The colossal assortment of scenes inside Murchison Falls NP offers ascends to a comparable assortment of creatures including panther, lion, kob, hartebeest, elephant, buffalo, crocodiles and the world’s biggest populace of Rothschild giraffe also numerous types of birds. In the late evening, you will go on a game drive looking for a portion of these before coming back to camp, where again your chef will get ready supper. Our camps are exceptional in Uganda, utilizing roomy 4-meter chime tents which are completely outfitted with raised sleeping cushions and all sheet material and sun based lighting. We set up our own bush offices and you will be provided food for by your own camp chef.

Day 8: Murchison Falls NP to Kidepo Valley NP

    The extraordinary favourable position of camping in the delta area of Murchison is that you wake up in the activity areas. Today you will be on your game drive as the sun rises and come back to camp following a few hours. You will eat before leaving Murchison and heading into northern Uganda. As you head north through Acholiland you will see that the territory and the individuals change. You first head to the clamouring market town of Gulu, the capital of the north, before proceeding onward to Kitgum through a rousing scene of rough outcrops and villages recouping with poise from the attacks of the past. You stop for lunch in the dusty station of Kitgum before going toward the east towards Kidepo. Bit by bit the level fields offer a route to a progressively bumpy landscape before moving through the shocking mountain pass, at long last developing to see its mystery: the magnificence of Kidepo Valley NP. Once inside the park, you will make a beeline for your campsite and afterwards a short scramble up Amapuis rock perspective for a sundowner.

Day 9: Kidepo Valley NP

    Wake up in the middle of the activity and watch the dawn over the Morongole mountains with a coffee and some new organic product. Then we start our day of game review with a visit to the Narus valley looking for lion, elephant, giraffe, eland, zebra, and panther and to wonder about seeing the enormous crowd of buffalo brushing in the wetland. We come back to camp for an increasingly significant breakfast before heading towards the regular Kidepo stream looking for cheetah and ostrich. We take a packed lunch among the Barassas palms at the Kidepo stream, from which the area take their name before coming back to camp in the mid-evening. You can locate a decent obscure spot to relax or go for the discretionary nature stroll or network visit before a conventional African poike stew around the campfire at night.

Day 10: Kidepo Valley to Pian Upe Reserve and shocking Karamoja

    Another shocking dawn over the Morongole mountains and breakfast at camp before packing up and travelling east through the park on one last game drive on the way toward the easternmost entryway. It is a long yet wonderful drive through and over the rough edges and outcrops of Karamoja and through interminable acacia forests occupied uniquely by cows herders and their charges. You’ll land at Pian Upe at night, so as to enjoy a virus drink as you watch the sun go down over this little-visited reserve, with the perspective on Mount Elgon out yonder.

Day 11: Pian Upe Reserve to Jinja

    You’ll again rise early to go for a game drive in this reserve. Pian Upe is home to cheetah and hyena just as ostrich, eland and different other antelope. The open area is very little so you will come back to camp mid-morning and afterwards head south towards Mount Elgon and Mbale for lunch. After lunch, you will proceed to Jinja and afterwards on to your lodge on the banks of the River Nile. After some long adventures and evenings under the stars, you will spend your last night shortly of luxury.

Day 12: Jinja to Entebbe

    Contingent upon your flight times you may have some an opportunity to enjoy one of the experience exercises Jinja is well known for (excluded from cost, for example, horseback safari, quad biking, kayaking, or white water rafting. You may incline toward just to go through an apathetic daytime taking in the shocking perspectives on the Nile from your room. 

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